USen Eco Co. Ltd.

  In order to provide professional and high-quality service to our customer, USen Eco Co., Ltd. was built up on March, 2014, which were independent from mother company—Tung Chou Energy Technology Co., Ltd. To focus on business of USEN ECO WOOD product in selling and marketing service.

  Recent years , global wood resources decreased gradually, eco-friendly concept raised , 100% non-toxic recycle imitated eco-wood elements for construction gradually become replace traditional wood in application of outdoor environment. USen-tree eco-wood series products were made by unique anti-aging formula, with great weatherability and anti-UV, very suit for outdoor environment under sunshine and raining, as well as at area of bathroom & balcony with moist and mildew.

  People love the warm feeling of wood for a long time, but cause rotten easily, damaged by pests, and maintenance problem when use it at outdoor. Thus, the main concept of business for setting up our company is to develop for warm feeling and weatherability, safety, useful resources for replacing at outdoor. To expect for promoting and providing this eco-wood with healthy, safety at outdoor for worldwide, also to care and protect resources of forest on earth.

  Our logo contain a meaning for protecting forest resources on earth, promoting green environment concept. Green symbol extra meaning for prosperous in industry of environment protection; Gray pole means to courage the entrepreneurial spirit down-to-each, steady development for company and staff.

2014/03   U-Sen Eco Co., Ltd. Built up, outdoor landscape platform finished in new BaiTou Hotspring Hotel. 

2014/04   Aluminum made outdoor furniture desk and chair set, various garbage can launched. 

2014/05   Sign up the memorandum with many companies in fair of China Shandong "Care industry technology matchmaking Weihai exchange group." Hold by Changwai development centre.  

2014/06   2.8cm hollow plank launched. 

2014/08   Participate Shandong Weifang City in the 20th Shandong-Taiwan trade fair, exhibited products by the government authorities and strong appreciation of the people visiting. U-Sen eco-wood products all sold out.

2014/09   The U-Sen wooden platform were constructed in Ming Chuan University Taoyuan Campus Stadium.   

2014/10   U-Sen products were used in 3 cases of building construction.

2014/11   3 seat chair and 2 seat chair were used at outdoor of Chi Mei Museum in Tainan.

2014/12   Used in 1 case of new building construction. 

2015/03   More buying from Chi Mei Museum in Tainan.

2015/04   A successful contest of U-Sen eco-wood micro film were hold in Ming Chuan University.

2015/05   New developed 3 seats chair were used in outdoor of private company over Hsinchu Science Park. 

2015/06   New type 1.0cm plank, for 5pcs a set puzzle plank launched.

2015/07   Elevator internal design completed inside of building in Taipei University.

2015/08   Outdoor platform and landscape design completed over Hsinchu convenient store.

2015/10   The far-infrared eco-wood puzzle developed successfully with Promoting blood circulation function.

To serve and sell: 

1. “USen Tree” eco-wood plank 

 2. Outdoor furniture 

3. DIY plank 

4. Outdoor landscape design and construction service 

5. Nanometer Glass coating material 

6. Green label building design and plan 

  Our team staffs has well-experienced and professional knowledge in design and marketing, and cooperate with famous university for keeping developing new products with innovation and practical purpose. Our products were sold to University, modern building, even museum, and win the high reputation and feedback. We will keep upholding the spirit of Innovation and recreation to enhance any application in field of using E-Sen eco-wood over landscape design, to provide the warming environment with peace of mind and safe to our global buyer.

  To become the key enterprise in providing green label material is our goal, also supply our buyer warming & practical eco-wood material in purpose of construction and outdoor furniture, in order to satisfy healthy, safety and peaceful in mind for using demand. U-Sen Eco Co., Ltd. will keep upholding in spirit of Innovation & best intention service, maintaining deeply in field of environment protection material, do our best to beautify our earth. Expect U-Sen become NO.1 ideal brand in buyer’s heart within 3 years. Believe our effort not only bring brand-new using experience in landscape design, but also best evidence in reacting environment protection and safe planet.